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I am Laura Urbano, my friends call me lau. I am twenty years old and I am studying Economy and international Business at ICESI university. I don`t have a business yet. I am a responsible person, organized, extroverted with my friends and very familiar. I do not like much to party but sometimes I go out with my Friends. I am not complicated but I prefer to travel by plane because road trips cause me dizzines. the clothes have to be comfortable, the bedroom clean and not so cold and the food I am not very picky.  I like to travel with enough money to not have any need.

Orlando is known for its hotels and tourist attractions such as Walt Disney and Universal Orlando. In this blog I want to tell my experience with the trip for people who have not gone and want to know a little more about this city and its main places. This trip is mainly for families and children. You need an enough money if you want to know all the parks.

I went to Orlando 1 year ago with my dad and my brother. We stayed at the Best Western hotel near the parks. It had a very large pool, the rooms were beautiful and comfortable. The first day we went to universal studios and it was the amusement park that I liked the most. This park had the best attractions like The Simpson ride, My favorite villain, Transformers, Mummy, Harry Potter and Hogwarts Express and others. The technology made this park the best place to have fun.

The second day we went to Disney studios, I really liked the shops and the fanasmic at night. the third day we went to the sea world water park. That day we saw shows like the orca show, dolphins, sea lions and penguins. I rode in the "blanket" a roller coaster that was definitely the best and we also went to the wax museum THE MADAME TUSSAUDS. That same day we went out to buy some things at PREMIUM outlet. the other days we were at the hotel, we went to the pool or went out to eat at a restaurant. The buffets I loved because we could eat everything we wanted and the food was delicious.

the people in Orlando are very friendly. the culture in these united is quite relaxed, people dress as they want, do not worry so much about appearances. They are very consumerist, there are restaurants and many stores. The food is delicious but not very healthy and what I liked the most was the technology of the parks and the stores in each one.I would like to live in the United States but not in Orlando, I have a lot of family in many cities and I think the culture is very nice.